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fish out of water
"Take me to the hospital," Matt says, and I jerk my head around to stare at him in disbelief, peering into those clear brown eyes, at that straight, almost regal nose. The sooty curls clustered on his head are endearing, even if he finds them a hassle in the mornings, and his shoulders are broad from his competitive swimming days back in high school. With handsome looks like that, it's hard to believe he can never be mine for good.
"Why?" I ask. He takes my hand, and I take the moment instead to admire the sight. His skin, tanned into a smooth, golden brown, intertwined with my pale, pale skin.
He shrugs, sleepy, languid. "Well, it's your life. It's a part of you. You've seen my school, my home. I'm just curious, Diane, please."
I bite my lip. He's right, of course. We are in a clearing nested behind the university buildings, me sitting against a tree and him lying down with his head on my lap, and this place is like a breath of fresh air after a near drowning, oxygen rolling, pushing,
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 2 3
a church tower peers over
reaching threads of light brittle bark
the slender cross kissing an iota of water
in a gentle, secluded,
binding union of no words
oblivious, below,
snow curls its frigid fingers around
canvas overhangs and pearly metal poles
which link carefully
with the silvery, forked tongues of coat hangers—
hangers clothed in silk and cotton and furs
in hopes of admiring eyes
and wrinkled bills
but the fragile arms of
spindy umbrellas
do a poor job of shielding the
swirls of six-pointed blessings (curses?)
that settle in one melancholy mass
on threads and overhangs and poles and arms
and the sleek feathers
of fourteen huddled pigeons
discussing their day
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 3 3
he has this way of looking directly at me when we're talking, like what i have to say is incredibly important and he's stopping everything else in its tracks in order to hear what i have to say. honestly, i dont know how many people who have literally met my eyes, without looking away, while im talking to them; i could count them on one hand, or maybe just one finger. it kind of makes me want to cry.
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 3 0
Indian Summer
alternatively; Tiger Summer
You lean out over the balcony, the stiff, brittle metal railing pressing deep into your stomach. It's all right, you can ignore it, as you close your eyes and feel the sun's rays rejuvenate you (or feeling the sun's rays destroy you, cell by cell—your choice). It's sickeningly hot, especially for the end of September, but the stupid air conditioning refuses to function so you appeal to the forces of nature instead.
When, at last, the wind picks up and buffets harshly across your face, you are disappointed. Mother Nature must be angry, because every gust is hot and humid. Before you retreat back inside, back under your mossy rock, however, you look down. The seventh floor apartment boxes have hardly any view to comment on, and you're glad you switched sides of the building for this year. Last year's view was all gray squares and pebble-sized cars and itty-bitty ladybug people. This time, the ground is predominantly green-colored, with sh
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 1 6
so i told you,
and nothing happened.
i dont get why people make such a big deal;
the sky didnt fall, the solar system didnt go out of alignment,
the laws of gravity and physics did not reverse,
2012 did not come early.
i might as well not have wasted my time,
might as well had saved my special words,
but my heart
still does weird things
when i see you.
youre still too cute.
if we had been in another situation, we would have been perfect.
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 3 8
what am i doing
to be honest, i dont know what im doing anymore.
i thought i had promised myself all of the people around me werent enough (not for me, but me for them), that it would be best to wait for a while just i had been told to. that i was done.
that i really could wait.
and while most of those leftovers feelings are irrelevant and useless now,
the dregs about you refuse to go away.
im supposed to forget all of it, to give up, right?
then explain to me--
why do i keep finding myself going out of my way between classes for the tiniest chance of seeing you? (& how pathetic is it that i dont even wave to you if i ever do succeed?)
why does it feel like my stomach drops out from my body when i do somehow end up lucky enough to run into you? (i need to schedule a doctors appointment, should i tell them that im just [love]sick?)
why do i always want to call you again, to hear your voice say my name? (you make me special, you make me happy, say my name again, please?)
why cant i stop wishing i could
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 5 2
:o3, the end: charm
full title: three times the charm, or something like that
that saying that theres definitely a person out there for you, and you just havent met them yet? just a phantom carelessly woven from stray childhood dreams and stardust from a stray nebula. dont believe anything they say.
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 5 2
:o2, the chase: anatomy
full title: anatomy is my worst subject
so i swore i loved you by all thirty-three of the knobbly vertebrae in my spinal cord, from atlas to coccyx, let you touch and count just to make sure, but i guess the swell of my throbbing heart still wasnt enough to persuade you to believe in our forever.
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 4 2
:o1, the fall: stars
full title: count on my (not so) lucky stars
one day, the entire universe fell into a dewdrop cupped in the hollow of a little leaf and all of the supernovas in your eyes overflowed to replace it, and i realized you were surreal.
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 5 2
She makes wishes on dandelions, he searches for four-leaf clovers. 11:11 never passes by unnoticed, and what other purpose do stars have but for this? Wishing wells are rediscovered, wishbones are saved instead of thrown away in the trash. They cling to hope, to optimism, to the prospect of better things.
Dreamers don't make it in life, they're told countless times. It's best if you give it up now and work for something real.
Real? Everything is real
, they answer. It took them a long time to find each other, but now their hands find each other shyly yet certainly, out of sight. Their fingers are warm and comforting against each other's skin. You just have to get there.
Give it up. You aren't going to go anywhere. Don't be a fool and get serious, you're throwing your lives away.

If they are fools, let them be fools. Light-hearted fools against the world, one full of doubts and disappointment and broken promises. But no, they're different. They paint double rainbows of hope
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 7 3
"Here, Mrs. DellaSantina," called a slim, silvery-blonde girl. She leaned forward at her desk, her body fluid even in stillness, almost like a huntress waiting to strike. Releasing a sigh of boredom, she settled her chin into her right hand, playing with the charm—a golden metal version of a cypress leaf, her sacred tree—of her necklace with the other.
Her brother, Apollo, a tan and broad-shouldered young man with a striking smile and a mess of dirty blond hair sprawling over his eyes, caught her gaze and rolled his eyes. She frowned back, both of them sharing the annoyance of being trapped in the place the mortals called school. Thankfully, the twins weren't the only ones pretending to be teenagers; after their eviction from Olympus, the gods and goddesses so worshipped in Greek mythology were reduced to mere human copies of themselves, their powers weakened and glory forgotten. Zeus had been especially angry about this, and he was the one who inspired the idea of
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 11 22
DAY 5186
i dont even know.
maybe theres something wrong.
suddenly, i dont feel like its worth it to try anymore. what else is there? im just not the kind of person who has the motivation to study, okay? people are lazy, and im human.
ive had enough. school, college, job. this world revolves around money. hobos are the way they are because they have no money, but i dont want to be a hobo. does that mean i have to work hard? yeah, it sure does. but is that seriously worth it?
if i had my way, i would stay 14 forever. i would freeze life around these few years--so its not like im the only one who cant age on. i like the people around me, i guess. i have those friends who i honestly love. my best friend, i wouldnt be the same without her. there are people who mean a lot to me. my family, too; im scared as hell for the day my parents arent alive anymore, because then id really have the grow up.
i dont want to grow up.
i want to stay like this.
but then again, i dont want to stay like this.
where the
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 2 48
Slayer 26
I threw the empty box of tissues into the corner of my bedroom in irrational anger. Why was it empty already? It felt as if I'd just opened one; were there even any more boxes left? I stumbled toward the cabinet, muffling my sobs with a fisted hand so my mother wouldn't hear me and scream at me again. I'd had enough of that to last me a lifetime.
And then she would remind me of Cailler. 'Why are you like this? Cailler will never look at you if you're so useless!'
I couldn't be around him any more without having the urge to bawl my eyes out. It hurt too much, in my chest, like an agonizing tightening and twisting, some wild creature trying to claw its way out of my body, leaving flaming scars that would never close properly.
Unless he came to heal them—but that would never be, because he was in love with Alexis.
At that thought, the tears surged as I burst into a renewed round of sobs. I knew I was being all weak and un-slayer-like, but I had never hurt like this before.
Before Ale
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 4 20
EMMI WITH LEE EYEDEE by emmiwish EMMI WITH LEE EYEDEE :iconemmiwish:emmiwish 6 6
Too Early For Forever
It's a cold November night. The trees have shed their thick cover of leaves, foolishly, exposing their brittle bark skins to the world. The wind whistles loudly, yet so high up, she can't hear a thing. The tiles of the roof are uncomfortable, but she has long gotten used to their hard edges digging into her legs.
She leans back on her arms, gazing up at the myriad of stars scattered freely across the stone black slate of the night sky. A chill creeps down her bare arms, her long, black hair flowing gently to the side in the breeze, and she shivers. The soothing peace of solitude is difficult to release, but she reluctantly begins to rise from her sitting position to retrieve her jacket from inside.
"Oh, you going in?" asks a familiar voice, currently hinted with badly suppressed sadness. She glances up, meeting his bright, olive green eyes. He is dressed in a thick parka, and holds her sweater in his right hand.
Her heart seems to swell in her chest at his thoughtfulness. "No, not anym
:iconemmiwish:emmiwish 4 22
Dancing Silhouette -picture- by emmiwish Dancing Silhouette -picture- :iconemmiwish:emmiwish 60 5
words are the most powerful, more than fists or guns or even bombs. because the same words that made you cry, when rearranged, can make you smile as well.

Random Favourites

the first encounter
It was 4:16 on a Monday afternoon. I was working hard to stay focused, but my thoughts kept drifting back to that boy I saw earlier as I periodically scanned the surface of the aquamarine water where people were roaming. That was when I saw him again, the dark haired, light skinned boy, who I assumed must be an angel. God, why did he have to look so perfect? He turned around, the full force of his nearly black eyes focused on me. Wow, he was such a hottie! I wondered what he saw as he gazed intently in my direction. The boy stood up and started to walk in my direction, but was quickly submerged.  Wait; was this some kind of joke? I'd seen things like this used twice before to get the lifeguard off their perch. I waited the customary forty-five seconds before my training took over. I sprinted to and through the cool ocean. His head popped up but was pulled under in less than a second. What was going on here? I dived and saw something I would never forget. It was my first week
:iconbatgirl16:batgirl16 2 22
:Rainbows and Stars: by Asher-Bee :Rainbows and Stars: :iconasher-bee:Asher-Bee 4,411 1,037 +Flowering+ by KiraKiraNinja +Flowering+ :iconkirakiraninja:KiraKiraNinja 626 121 Sweet on the Lips by breedl Sweet on the Lips :iconbreedl:breedl 99 26
i don't have to be pretty,
i want to tell you
something alarming,
the kind of alarming firemen show up at
cold doorsteps for,
five-alarm with
screaming sirens and
hot walls and
pressing bodies,
loud sweat and
air so
heavy, it's empty
i want you and i lie,
i will la la la-la lie
b e t w e e n     the
s  pa  c e s    in my teeth
but you will see through
me like a
white shirt
worn in the rain
i don't know where you are
or why you're
letting me ramble,
like rose hedges
and brambles,
heavy thorns turned to
p a p e r w e i g h t s
in an infinite love affair
with everything re(a)d
i'll catch you on fire and watch as
you still-don't-burn-
feel those fire engines
rumbling like hungry
tigers down the road
until we're just
at peace,
i will watch
as you
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 141 45
Release by k3-studio Release :iconk3-studio:k3-studio 1,711 253 FF7- Puppy and Kitty by meru-chan FF7- Puppy and Kitty :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 4,786 279
Saint Valentine
Maverick swallowed nervously. His palms were sweaty, his heart was racing, and he wanted to run away as fast and far as he possibly could. Instead, he checked his white collar and knocked on Mae-Lynn's bedroom door, clearing his throat apprehensively. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door was pulled open. The small, beautiful, green-eyed Telluress before him, utterly unimposing in appearance, terrified him more than anything in the world.
"Can I help you, Holy Man?" she uttered, a cool, intelligent gleam in her eyes.
"U-Um…No. I mean, yes! I, uh, I have a gift for you, Ms. Yazid," the tall, white-haired man stammered. "H-Here!" From behind his back he produced a bouquet of yellow roses. "These are for you, Ms. Yazid. For…for Saint Valentine's Day."
She arched one raven brow playfully. "Valentine? I do not know him. Tell me, what does that saint represent?"
Maverick's clear blue eyes widened. "Well, he…um…" He scratched his head, desperately trying to will a
:icondefy-not-the-heart:Defy-Not-The-Heart 3 12
Fairy AT by Kikiine Fairy AT :iconkikiine:Kikiine 29 39 Adorable... by addy-ack Adorable... :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 465 9 Fernando. by 0xo Fernando. :icon0xo:0xo 329 115
2 Hearts, One Love - Ch. 3
Chapter 3
As you and [Your Brother's Name] strolled around the palace, the servants and maids were putting the finishing touches on the banquet area. Everything was well-prepared and, just a few hours later, the guests began to arrive.
While your brother was being showered with attention, you talked with your friends until you felt two people approach you. It was [Villain 1's Name] of [Villain 1's Kingdom's Name] and his advisor [Villain 2's Name]; unfortunately, they were on the guest list.
"[Villain 1's Name]-sama, [Villain 2's Name]-sama! I never thought I would see you coming for a visit," your mother said, smiling.
[Villain 2's Name]'s lips curled into a smile that made your stomach churn. "We were more than happy to come celebrate the arrival of your son, [Your Mother's Name]-sama."
A frown came across your face. You remembered [Villain 1's Name] and [Villain 2's Name] because of [Villain 1's Name]'s constant attempts to marry you. However, your mother continued to refuse
:iconyumiko12345:Yumiko12345 4 10
Tell Me part 42
James was right. It was bad. She lay helpless on the table, bright lights above her angelic face. Her neck was still stained with blood. Savannah's pale face had become even paler and I could see her veins all too well.
"I'm sorry Savannah," I whispered.
My entire being filled with self loathing. I could slowly feel the old Sam coming back. I now remembered why I had always been so far from people. I had always thought I didn't trust them. But now, I realized that it was myself I didn't trust.
'With good reason' my conscience spoke.
Christopher hovered around Savannah constantly checking several machines. I looked up at him hopelessly.
"I don't know. It's too soon to tell," was all he said.
It was a rare occasion when Christopher was truly angry at any of us. When I had been a newborn and killed an old man near death he hadn't been angry. A few years ago I had ruined an anniversary gift for Charlotte he had been working on for weeks. He hadn't been angry. When I had fallen in lo
:iconramdom-monkey-dance:ramdom-monkey-dance 5 10
Tell Me Part 38
"All right. What did you drag me here to tell me? You're not a serial killer are you?"
I didn't react but instead continued walking to the coral and sat down on one of the fences. Savannah sat on the grass in front of me.
"Okay,"I started, fiddling with grass blades on the ground next to me. "There's something I've sort of been hiding from you."
Savannah tensed. When she spoke her tone was cautious enough to scare me.
"Okay. What?"
I leaned forward so that I was right in front of her face,only inches away.
"Okay it may sound crazy but," I paused and took one last deep breath. When I continued the words were said in the softest of whispers. "I'm a vampire."
I expected Savannah to laugh or to say I was ridiculous or something else like that. But I was surprised when she simply stared at me her eyes seeming almost...relieved.
"Do you believe me?" I asked her, somewhat hoping for a no.
"Sam, I'm not the idiot I'm sure you make me out to be. The clues were there," she said her voice getting
:iconramdom-monkey-dance:ramdom-monkey-dance 4 42
Tell Me Part 33
Have you ever noticed the more you dread something the quicker it comes? I had never paid attention to it seeing as time means just about nothing to vamps but while I was driving to the house, I certainly took notice. I was on the edge, fidgeting while trying to make conversation. No, it is not the best combination.
"So is the bitter cold getting to you yet?" I asked not especially curious but somewhat.
Savannah shrugged.
"It's colder here than in New York but I've been managing,"she said, looking out the window towards the mountains.
"Do you like the cold?" I ask, actually curious now. Maybe we could do something once it snowed. Go ice skating perhaps?
Savannah faced me again, a smile on her face. She nodded.
"I love the cold, but then again when you grow up in New England it's either like the cold or whine  for half the year. It's a pretty clear most people at least."
I nodded. I too enjoyed the cold.
"I hear it's supposed to snow soon," I told Savannah biting m
:iconramdom-monkey-dance:ramdom-monkey-dance 4 16
Tell Me Part 29
Christopher patted my back, retrieving my duffel bag from the car and handing it to me.
He didn't bother to tell me “Everything will be fine,” or “Don't worry because we both knew there was no way to know things would be fine and that I most certaintly should worry.
It was early morning, almost six a.m. Christopher and I stood outside D.I.A (Denver International Airport), the gray,cloudy sky matching my mood exactly. It had only been three days since The First had shown up at my house and yet my life had gone from hopeful to absolutely terrorizing. In the span of seventy two hours. But I tried to think positive. Maybe once I went to Germany the constant worry of being discovered would vanish.
“Ready?” Christopher asked walking me to the glass doors.
I shrugged, not ready at all.
“No,but I don't get a choice,” I mumbled, distressed.
Christopher sighed.
“You sure about this son?” he asked.
I felt like laughing. Did he think that there was the
:iconramdom-monkey-dance:ramdom-monkey-dance 3 64
if i could put words and colors together like these people,
i would need nothing else.


things i write now are posted here:…
youll get a reply if you talk to me here: or here:
original fiction might turtle its way here sometime if i feel it would be enjoyed by dA, but ive pretty much faded out of obscurity. im glad i met the people i did and read the writing/seen the art i did, and thank you to everyone who made my dA stint a few years back something fun to spend my time on, and maybe even inspire! i have no regrets, none that i can think of at least lmfao.

goodbye ♥
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Emmi Lee
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by my bby :iconkikiine:! <3

im emmi.
i love hot korean men (b2uty) and writing/reading romance.
i dont go on dA much anymore; find me at kwangarootumblr!

Current Residence: US west coast
Favourite genre of music: its all korean, bbycakes.
Favourite style of art: manga!
Operating System: wii
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch gen 4
Favourite cartoon character: ike c:


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